My Barbie Revival

by Wendy
(London, England)

My first Barbie doll (blonde bubble cut) was bought for me for by my parents whilst we were living in Canada. We returned to England in 1964 and I often opened my Barbie case, containing the doll, clothes and accessories, and had a play. A rival doll soon came on the scene called Tressy, and I used to play with the two dolls together, mixing and matching outfits. I don't know what happened to my Tressy, but I always kept my Barbie, and she went with me wherever I moved to in later years. When I had my own daughter I allowed her to play with my Barbie, which I later realised was a mistake, as bits and pieces inevitably went missing or were damaged in some way, though I am pleased to say Barbie stayed intact. About a year and a half ago I discovered Ebay and the vintage Barbie section. For a few months I went mad and managed to replace every clothing and accessory item that had either disappeared or was in need of repair, and of course couldn't resist purchasing outfits I had never had! I also bought another Barbie (brunette bubble cut)and am about to take delivery of my first Midge. I may be tempted to buy another outfit or two in the near future, but then shall try to refrain for a bit...It becomes very addictive, not to mention pricey, scouring the vintage Barbie pages on Ebay!

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