My Girl Barbie - It's Like Christmas Each Time....

by karen

a few years back i had a brief hospital stay when i came out of anestesia my mom was holding a barbie she found at a local thrift shop i felt at ease as i did as a only child barbie was my best friend. i was hooked and in two short years collected 1500 barbies. i had to relocate and put my treasures in storage and was robbed of my beloved collection. i was so hurt i couldnt bring myself to collect again. ten years later while surfing ebay i saw her a blond bubble cut with big hair and so my quest has begun again since april 2010 i have adopted 98 vintage barbies from 1960 to 1976 from around the world some say i am a fanatic but they dont understand the joy of getting those boxes in the mail its like christmas morning each time........

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christmas memories
by: Anonymous

OMG! Me too! the excitement is great. Nostaglia...

your collection
by: discodiva1979

What a touching story-I love your mom for making you so happy that day. It makes me feel good to know you started your collection back up. I have all of mine growing up & have started to collect some for my granddaughter I remember hours of playing with my Barbies & loved every second. Just recently I purchased a vintage A frame house and can't wait to play with my granddaughter when she gets older. Love your sweet story-keep collecting & loving it!

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