Question About Barbie Styling Head

by Mary
(Upstate, NY)

The back of this Barbie Styling Head says 1971 Mattel Inc. Mexico. She also has a string with a ring on the end on the back of her head to allow her hair to "grow." I remember purchasing her from a neighbor friend at her yardsale when I was a child. I have been unable to find anything like her in my searches online.

Hi Mary-
I am not familiar with this one - let's put it up and see if anyone else has any info.

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Barbie Beauty Center 1971
by: Philip

That is a growing hair 1971 Barbie Beauty Center. You pull the string to make her ponytail grow.

((Thanks Philip!))

I recognize the barbie style head
by: Melanie

My sister had one of these when we were growing up. I doubt it survived our many moves, but they were sold in the US some time around the early 70's.

vintage barbie styling head
by: Anonymous

I had this exact Barbie styling head as a child. It came with "lipstick, eyeshadow and hair accessories". You could make the hair in the back long or short by pulling a cord attached to a string. I havent been able to find another one like this...

vintage barbie head
by: Anonymous

I still have one of these still in woking order. Itook it out of its box and gave it to my daughter.

Styling head with arm
by: Anonymous

I have a styling head that also has an arm attached. I think its a Barbie but really not sure. Could it be a vintage model-as I can't find anything similar at all. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Do you know the value?
by: Cindy

I have the same exact Barbie Beauty head and the box from when I was a little girl. The box is marked 1972. Do you know the value or how to find out what it's worth?

I remember her
by: Angie

I had one of those too! I liked doing her makeup more than her hair though.

Barbie Beauty Center for make-up and Hair styling fun
by: Nancy A

It is the Barbie Beauty Center. It came with eye shadow, blush, lipstick, eyelashes, eyebrow/liner pencil. You could apply the make up and wash it off. It also came with rollers, barrettes, bobby pins, & ribbons and brush & comb. Her hair did "grow" by pulling on the ponytail or it could be shortened by pulling the ring at the back of the head. I still have mine in the original box with all the accessories including the instruction book that is dated 1972.

Barbie Beauty Center
by: Annie

I have 2 of these.

Barbie styling head
by: Sheena

I also had one of these in the early 70s. I gave it to my daughter a couple of years ago It was still in box fairly good condition. would be interesting to know how much it is worth.

purchasing of this Doll Head
by: Delores

I had one and my cousin. She learned me how to braid hair on it. I would like to purchase one for my little niece.

1970 s barbie head
by: susan

I'm 45 and had this barbie head as a child she came with blue eye shadows red lipstick blush and pink comb and hairbrush..I would love to find one

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