Question about 60's Pink Starlight Swirl Barbie Alarm Clock

by Debbie F
(Grandville, MI)

I have my Barbie clock that I've had since the 60's and was wondering if you could possibly tell me what it is worth and if the pink color is more rare than the clear. I've found other clocks similar to this posted for sale and they range anywhere from $325 - $700. Everything works (alarm, time, knobs), there are a few scratches on the face close to the center. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Beautiful Clock
by: Sandra

I just wanted to tell you that your clock is beautiul , I have one of these that is in blue but without the gold handles , The clocks with the handles are more rare, I also have seen these clocks sell at the price you have posted , My clock would be less much less without the handles , found this intresting link on Flicker the original add for the clock in 1964 .

Barbie alarm clock
by: Camille

I also have the same alarm clock and was wondering how much is is worth? I have had it since the 60's

60's Pink Starlight Swirl Barbie Alarm Clock
by: Anonymous

I have the same clock with the handles and this is a see through blue it not quiet working but it will My name is Brian and I live in Long beach Can anyone tell me a little about this rare piece I have

My pink Barbie alarm clock
by: Reba

My clock is date stamped 64 and is in perfect condition. It is one without handles. Could you tell me how much it is worth?

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Can anyone help me identify this Barbie watch?

by Lauralyn
(New Jersey)

Hello, I inherited a Barbie watch from my deceased Aunt. It has a gold band that says speidel pat. 2.689.450. On the face of the watch is Barbie with red hair in a bubble cut style. A blonde Ken in a blue shirt is behind Barbie. It says Copyright 64 Mattel. On the back of the face it says Base Brass, aluminum, shock protected, case swiss made, unbreakable mainspring, and electronically timed. This watch means a lot to me and I would appreciate if anyone could help me identify it. FWIW, The watch fits me an adult woman.

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Barbie watch
by: Anonymous

I have my original watch which is just like yours. The band on yours was probably replaced. They originally had a leather band, mine was blue. I receved mine for Christmas and not sure when but between 61 and 65. I too am having trouble finding it's value so they must be more rare than other Barbie watches. Mine still works great. Good Luck

barbie and ken watch
by: donna

I have one, too, with the blue band from 1964, would love to know what it is worth, mine was overwound, but fixed, and overwound again.

Same watch
by: Jen

I too had this watch. The heart had a little bead in it that pulsated with every second. My watch band was black leather. My watch had a ponytail Barbie depicted on the face of the watch. I have been looking for a watch like it for years but have never seen one. It was purchased at the Rexall Drug store for Christmas of 1964. I would say you have a great item. I am sure there aren't many like it out there.

Barbie watch
by: Anonymous

My aunt gave me this watch when I was a little girl too. I've had the hardest time finding out what it's worth... this is the first time I've even seen anything about it. My band is not original and the face is scratched a little as I remember running over it with my bike :) Would love to find out more information.

Barbie Watch
by: Kelly

I too have this watch and have been checking to see if I could find someone to tell me how much it is worth. Mine has been overwound as well. i think I will have it repaired and maybe the jeweler will be able to give me an idea. I will let ya'll know if I can find something out.

me too
by: Jody

Does anyone know the value of this watch I have one also

Barbie Ken vintage watch
by: Denny

I have one also. Pink leather band. Thats when I found out there wasnt a Santa :( My Dad who was dressed up as Santa Claus)came into my room Christmas Eve while I was sleeping and placed it on my wrist. I woke so excited but smelled Dad's Old Spice and saw his dark brown curly hair peeking out of his wig. LOL. Has anyone found the value of this piece??

by: donna

one site that i googled says it is worth 200-600.00 mint condition is 600. i would not part with mine for a million, though

Little help
by: Anonymous

the watch band that you have is a generic Spiedel replacement band that sold for around $4 in the 60's. also around 1964 watch companies had to register serial numbers. If you can get the back off without damaging it look inside on the actual gears should be info stamped in there somewhwere then search the manufacturer's serial numbers. I did this with my Lord Elgin watch, once you get that you will have more info like when it was made, how many were made, etc. It will be easier to find the value when you know exactly what you have. Good Luck

I cannot find the value either
by: Sue

I too have this watch. The band is blue also. I know it was from the 60's however, I have never learned the value of it. I consider it an antique collectible.

60's Pink banded Barbie watch
by: Anonymous

I have the pink banded Barbie watch that is still in the original box and was basically never worn. I received it in the early 60"s. The instructions are even still in it! How much would it be worth??

1964 beating heart
by: Anonymous

This is a 1964 Barbie and Ken beating heart watch. Very rare! Not worth quite as much as the pendant watch but still rare and sought after, especially if it is in working condition.

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