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by j
(danville, ca)

First My Size Barbie - 1992

First My Size Barbie - 1992

do you have any info on these dolls, history, which ones were first, 2nd etc... when they stopped making them? I'm trying to find some of them and figure out which ones were made first as I'm trying to get a special gift for a lady who's parents could not afford to buy her one and now she is grown with her own girls and trying to get her one to pass to her children. I see a ton of used ones on ebay but cannot tell when made so looking for some history and this is the only site I found that talked history but cannot find this specific doll info on your site. thanks

My Size Barbie is on my long (seemingly never ending) to do list for the site - one day, hopefully!
Anyway, the first My Size Barbie was in 1992 - which can present a challenge - because all My Size Barbies have that date on them, because that was when they were patented. I am adding a photo above of the first one - she had a pink leotard with a removable long pink skirt and a pink tutu. I'm sure you know they were made so little girls could also wear Barbie's clothes. Here are the current ones listed on eBay.
I do know they made one each year for quite a few years - but I don't know which ones they made or for how long. I do know many of them were Ballerinas and there was at least one Angel. Hopefully we can get some help with some more details. Tell us what you know about My Size Barbie in the comments!

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My Size Barbie
by: Anonymous

How kind you are to get the doll for this woman. I believe My Size Barbie came out in 1992. I got my daughter one for Christmas (she was 6 years old). She was so excited she just jumped up and down :)

This is what I've collected on the MSB dolls
by: Anonymous

Name Year Model# Origin MSRP Features

My Size Barbie 1992 2517-93 Mexico $129 Bangs, no painted bodysuit
MSB Bride - Blonde 1994 12052-9993 Mexico Bangs,
MSB Bride - Brunette 1994 Mexico Bangs,TRU
MSB Bride - Redhead 1994 Mexico Bangs,TRU, Green Eyes
MSB Princess 1995 13767 Mexico $129 Bangs,
My Size Dancing Barbie Mexico Bangs, Rolling Doll Stand
My Size Rapunzel #1 Mexico Bangs, Hair Extension
MSB Angel 1998 20493 Mexico No Bangs, Closed Mouth, Eylashes
Butterfly 2000 Mexico No Bangs, Wings
Sugarplum Princess 2001 Mexico $129 No Bangs, Spiral Curls
My Size Rapunzel #2 2002 Mexico No Bangs, Hair Extension
Swan Lake Odette 2003 Mexico No Bangs, Wings
Princess Annalise 2004 No Bangs, Additional Brown Wig
Genevive (Wal-Mart) 2006 China $49 No Bangs, Brown Eyes, WAL
Prin. Rosella (Wal-Mart) 2007 China $49 No Bangs, WAL, Legs are different color than body.
Ballerina - Blonde 2008 N6285 China $35 No Bangs, Ponytail(no part), Painted on Slippers, WAL
Ballerina - Brunette 2008 China $35 No Bangs, Ponytail(no part), Painted on Slippers, Brown Eyes, WAL
Diamond Castle Princes 2008 M9515 China $35 No Bangs, Pink Bodysuit, Painted on Slippers, WAL
MSB Fairy 2009 TRU (available fall 2009)

TRU = ToysRus Exclusive
WAL = WalMart Exclusive



by: Anonymous

I enjoyed reading about "My size Barbie" I didn't know that anyone knew anything about that doll. I am an avid collector of Barbie. I have 3 My Size.
I am interested in redressing my three dolls. I like the pattern site that I found so far but is this the only one or is there more? If you know of more places please post hem here as I will be back to this site, soon


msb identification
by: Anonymous

you're doing a great job identifying the dolls, however you didn't mention that they also came in black (afro-american) versions as well.
the black version gave way to an hispanic version with the "princess rosella" and also the"dancing princess" doll with pink legs. after that, I don't believe any other than white dolls were made.
also a minor mistake in the timeline put the brides after the princess, actually the princess was the second in series.
I have one of each model- black and white- all in original boxes.

msb barbie
by: Anonymous

i think there should be a website dedicated only to my size barbie dolls!

come on back
by: Shannon

I'm looking for an African American one for my five years old daughter for Christmas this yr & I'm not having any luck...when my cousin & I was small back in the 90s she had one we enjoyed it I wish the company who made it would come on back out with them

by: Anonymous

I think this doll is very nice but why doesn't it come in African American at toys r us????

my size barbie
by: Anonymous

I was given a my size Barbie with her purple bathing suit painted on her body with blue shoes also paint on her feet. she is blonde and has like shining eye shadow. I do not know if its worth anything and I cannot find it on the website. does any one know?

msb value
by: cc

the doll you describe sounds like the last fairy that was made (can't recall her exact name!) this doll was made as the second to last of the series of dolls in the my size barbie line.
far as value- she is worth as much as you love her! the last several years were made in china, so the quality is not as great as those made in mexico or italy.
2008 was the last year they were made, so the resale value will only tend to increase!
i hope this helps you!

dancing my size barbie
by: lori

how do you tell what yr the my size barbie is? it has been out of the box i believe but does not look like it was played with plastic still on dolls hair.15909 is on top right corner of box.thanks for your help.

African American my size Barbie
by: Karen

I have a 1992 My Size African Anerican Rapunzel Barbie Doll. She is Absoutley beautiful. Made in Mexico by Mattel. She has hair extensions making her braid go down to her feet. She has a crown, earrings and a beautiful pink dress. You will NEVER find this doll at Toys R Us. I ordered her online from FAO Schwartz in New York years ago. I can't even find a picture of her online. I have seen the white version but NEVER mine.

my size Barbie need an arm (left)
by: Anonymous

Where can i find a left arm for an African American my size Barbie on a rollong stand with a beatuful blue skirt with a white body suit under

Shoes for My Size Barbie
by: Valerie

I'm trying to find out what size shoes the My Size Barbie wears! I got her at a yard sale and she has no shoes!! Also wondering what size little girls clothes would fit her?? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!

Re: My Size Barbie
by: Granpa Joe

My daughter has collected this doll for years. She currently has about 11 of them. Some are nearly mint and some she lets my granddaughter play with. The vintage dolls were made in Mexico and are better quality than the ones made in China. The "china" ones are made from a different plastic and usually have painted torso and shoes. You can find many on Ebay including Afro-American and Hispanic . Read the descriptions carefully. Many have pictures with defects(scuffs/marks;etc.) They can range in price form $10. up to $300. Some are buy now and many you can bid on. Most of the sellers do a real good job to make you happy. But, like most things, do your research and don't expect perfection. Happy Shopping!

she took my breath away!
by: Elizabeth

I fell upon the most gorgeous my size Barbie! She took my breath away, I was so excited. I had never seen one before. I'm 60-yrs old).
Her stamp back-plate reads:
Mattel, Inc. 1992.
produced by JustPlay.

Can anyone tell me more about her? and where I can find the Facebook community :)

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