Question About Tags on Barbie Clothing

here is a few

here is a few

Hello,I have picked up some barbie items.I believe to have been put out in the 70's due to the case that came with them. My problem is the clothing is untagged. How do you know if the clothes are Mattel? Are all barbie clothes tagged? Thanks, Melissa

Mattel stopped using the Black & White Cloth tags with the cursive Barbie in 1972. At some point they began to use the "Genuine Barbie" label - but I do believe (not 100% sure) there was a period of time where no tags were used. Does anyone know how long items where untagged and when the Genuine Barbie tag was first used?
(Speaking of labels, as a side note, the Vintage Barbie Reproduction items have the old style black & white cloth label - but they have the word Reproduction under the Barbie name.)

The clothes do look like Barbie clothes from the later 1970s.

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Barbie Label Tags
by: Anonymous

Mattel marked one piece of each outfit with the black and

white tag and then the newer black and white tag until


From 1973-1978 Mattel did not put tags on barbie clothes at


From 1979 and up they used pink, blue and purple tags with

the B on them.

In 2004 some new tags came about

solid pink labels with the B-keepsake dolls clothes

silver tags-less than 50,000 pieces have this tag

platinum tags-less than 1000 tags worldwide

repro tags
by: Anonymous

can anyone tell me why the reproduction pink and white "Dance dress" that came with the ponytail swirl reproduction doll has a cloth tag that is black and white and says Barbie, but it does not say reproduction on the tag? thanks

Skipper fashion tags
by: Marge

Any ideas on the tag, "A genuine Skipper fashion"? I have a Skipper dress so marked. Maybe it's a Best Buy fashion from the 1970s. Couldn't find it in the Skipper book that I own.

Barbie clothing tags
by: Mark Castelli

In following your post about clothing tags, during what years did Mattel use the " Geniune Barbie " labels?
Thank you.

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Vintage Barbie Clothing Tag Question - R versus TM

by Pat
(Lacey, WA)

I have a question regarding the 3 outfits that are hard to find, easter parade, gay parisienne and roman. I have found these outfits listed with the R on the original tag, are they authentic? Are these originals or do they have to have a T.M tag? What is the difference between R and T.M tags, as I see other outfits with these codes listed such as peachy fleecy and the wedding day set. I am new at collecting and do not want to be buying repro's.

Thanks a MILLION,

Hi Pat -
All Barbie clothing made in 1959 has the TM after the Barbie name, clothing from 1960 and beyond has the R. (Note all Ken clothing has TM on the tag). Reproduction clothing has the word Reproduction on the tag.

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1959 Gay Parisenne Outfit....
by: Anonymous

May I please ask, that if my stole for this outfit has a "R" on it, it isn't correct...for it should have a "TM" for being made in 1959? (it does have the white lining, not pink)
I am trying to make sure my complete outfit is authentic. The dress has the black and white Barbie tag by Mattel, but it is freyed on the side where "R" or "TM would be, and the gold clutch has an off white lining to it(aged? I know it should be white). Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

T.M. 1960
by: Travis

Enchanted Evening was produced in 1960, HOWEVER, early versions of this ensemble are marked T.M. on the dress and on the stole (I have one). I suppose a few of the 1960 fashions were made at the end of 1959 or they were still using T.M. tags in early 1960. What do you think, Suzanne?


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Question about Vintage vs Reproduction Barbie Clothing Labels

by Julene

Is the black and white Barbie tag a tell tell sign that the items are vintage?
If not, is there an easy way to tell?
Thanks for the info.

Hi Julene-
Reproductions have the word Reproduction on the black and white cloth label - under the Barbie name in script.

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Is there a way to tell if barbie clothes are old or reproductions?

Hi,is there a way to tell if barbie clothes are old or reproductions. Thanks for any help, Sue

Hi Sue -
The original vintage clothes have the black and white cloth Barbie label. The reproduction tags have the word "Reproduction" under the Barbie in script. On the items that are not tagged, an experienced collector can usually tell the difference between the a reproduction and vintage item - because of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences. Suzanne

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Accessories markings
by: Mary

Does anyone know if the "orange fizz" glasses from the reproduction set have any markings on the bottom of the cups?

Repro versus original Barbie clothing label
by: Anonymous

Ok, so, today is a lesson learned for me, and shared with everyone.
Barbie labels, vintage versus repro; how to tell the difference.
Look for the copyright mark, ("C" inside the circle), to verify you are buying a vintage Barbie item!

The reproduction labels do not have this mark on them.

TM and R tags were issued throughout the 1960s to early 70s
by: Anonymous

Hi, Yes, the earliest Barbie tags were TM, but Mattel reissued them in second runs as R. So you can find a Easter Parade TM or R oufit. Although the R will be later, it is still genuine, and very valuable. In the earliest, 1959 issues, TM outfits would have come with shoes with holes in them, for the #1 Barbies. Mattel then issued the #2 Barbies, without the holes in their feet and the tricky stands for them to fit those holes onto. At that point, they issued many R editions of the same outfits that had been made for the #1, but without the shoes with holes in them. So in that case, both editions of these outfits would have been made in 1959, but they would have been issued for different Barbie editions, the #1, or the #2 or the #3, which was made to overcome the drawback (In some minds) that the eyes of the #1 and #2 Barbies looked rather wicked. Later on, Mattel continued this pattern of first issues being TM, and second issues being R. So you can have, for instance, Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Francie, etc. items that came in both TM and R editions. In general, collectors prefer the TM editions, but with rare items, R's are highly collectible as well.

Hope this helps.

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