Vintage Skooter Dolls

Vintage Skooter Dolls were introduced in 1965 as Skipper's same size friend.  Both Skooter and Skipper dolls have the same body with different heads and share all of the same clothing.  Cute is the word most often used to describe Skooter - think of the adorable "girl next door" with pigtails and freckles.

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Descriptions and pictures of
Vintage Skooter Dolls. 

Between 1965 and 1967 there were two different dolls and a gift set.
The details are listed below.

Vintage Skooter Doll - Straight Legs Vintage Skooter Doll - Bendable Legs
Straight Leg Skooter Bendable Leg Skooter
Model #: 1040 1120
Issue Date: 1965 1966
Box Date: 1964 1965
Hair: Blonde, Brunette or Titan (red) with bangs, a middle part and pigtails. Blonde, Brunette or Titan (red) with bangs, a middle part and pigtails.
Face: Brown eyes, eyebrows and freckles, pink blush and lips Brown eyes, eyebrows and freckles, pink blush and lips
Clothing: Two piece knit swimsuit with red and white striped top and red bottoms with a white elastic belt and gold buckle. Red flat shoes. Red crop top with white dots and ruffles hem, denim shorts and red flat shoes. (The same top in orange with white dots is a rare variation.)
Stand: Gold Wire Stand Gold Wire Stand
Body Markings: ©1963
Mattel, Inc.
Mattel, Inc.
Notes: The first dolls produced had a tan skin color, later ones have a pink skin tone. Also made first with a tan body, later with a pink skin tone.

Vintage Skooter Dolls

In 1965, vintage vinyl doll cases were issued for Skooter and are popular Collector items to this day.  There were cases issued solely for Skooter and also cases that held two dolls featuring Skooter and her friend, Skipper.  Each case was made in more than one color, but there is a limited supply available in today's market.  Take a look at the pictures and descriptions listed below.

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This double doll case featured cameo pictures of Skipper & Skooter as they were originally sold in the sixties.  Produced in blue, pink (melon) and yellow, the original price was $2.39.  Skipper is wearing a red and white striped swimsuit with a headband in her hair, while Skooter is wearing a red and white striped swimsuit with her hair in pigtails and red bows.  

Skipper and Skooter Barbie dolls train case with the same graphic.
Made in black, blue and red with a suggested retail of $3.00.

Hat box case with the same cameo pictures of Skipper and Skooter dolls.
Made in black, blue and red with a suggested retail of $3.00.

The Skipper & Skooter double case shown below held two dolls, a center compartment to hang clothes, and an accessory drawer for both Skipper and Skooter.  This case was made in blue and yellow with an original price of $2.29. 

This wardrobe doll case featured Skooter wearing the Country Picnic ensemble and chasing butterflies.  The beautiful and colorful graphic surrounded the entire case.  It was issued in blue, beige and yellow.

The Skooter wardrobe case shown below features two popular Skipper outfits...Platter Party and Sunny Pastels.  It held one doll, a place to hang clothes, and two drawers for accessories.  Available in blue, beige and yellow.

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Skooter Cut 'n Button Set
Sear's Exclusive #1036
1965 - 1967

The only clothing made specifically for vintage Skooter dolls was this Sear's Gift Set. It included a doll and three cut 'n button ensembles.  Similar to Barbie's Sew Free Fashions from the same year, Skooters clothes had to be cut out and buttoned together. (Barbie's were put together with sew free glue strips. I'm not sure if this set also had those strips.)

The set included:

Straight Leg Skooter Doll in Original Swimsuit
Blue and White Checked Dress with Sailboat and Flag Border and Red Flocking
Red Coat with Navy Flocking and Navy Plastic Belt
Long Pink and Blue Floral Print Nightgown with Ribbon Bow at the Neckline
Matching Night Cap and Fabric Slippers

Although this set was sold by Sear's for three years, it is hard to find and is considered to be rare.  I have seen the nightgown with both a white background and a pink background. The color of the background is also the color of the ribbon used in the bow.  The white background has white ribbon and the pink background has pink ribbon.

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