Thank You from a Visitor

by Keith

I just want to thank you for the time and effort that this site must take on your part. I find this source invaluable as a (reluctant) Barbie "Afficianato" and having YOUR expertise to depend on keeps me informed enough to maintain some level of credibility in this world....
Toronto Ontario Canada

Thank you Keith - so much - you made my day!!!

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I'd like to say "THANK YOU" too!! :)
by: Diane

I know it took a HUGE amount of time to research everything, and post photos!! I've found several of the fashions I had for Barbie, Casey, & Francie when I was a kid. Some I had forgotten I had too!! :) You're never too old to love & enjoy Barbie & her world!! :)

(Thank you Diane! It is a labor of love. Suzanne)

another thank you from a visitor!
by: ruthe

im with Keith on this! this site is amazing and informative and i love following the questions and posts Suzanne publishes.

keep it up :) its much appreciated!

also, its nice to see a fellow torontonian here :)

Thank you Ruthe!
I really appreciate it!!

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