Thanks for the memories...

by Linda

I'm not a doll collector, but I was an only child and taught to "take good care of things". My dolls are played with but well taken care of. So when I grew out of them, I packed them into boxes to save for my daughter someday. I have a son now... I came across the dolls while moving and started wondering their worth. I remembered Francie's name, but not the name of my Kiddle. Nor any of the names of their outfits and accessories. Anyway, I am so grateful for this site as I was able to identify my kiddle as Pretty Parlor and her "snap happy" furniture. They are probably not worth much, (although I've seen them on e-bay for $35 to $145). I think I'll just keep them. They are "worth" more to me as a keepsake than the money would be. And, maybe I'll have a granddaughter someday :)
I wish I still had my Barbie SunSailer Catamaran, but that was handed down to younger cousins. Again, thank you for the information to identify my old dolls. Your site was am enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Thank you so much Linda - I am so happy you found the site useful & enjoyable!

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Barbie doll
by: Renee Jensen

I had the red hair Barbie doll, blond Ken with the fuzzy hair, had a Allen doll, Skipper,Ricky,Midge. The big black suitcase. Barbie campus I had the wedding dress and tux for Ken also the pink evening gown and the tight black dress with the black lace on the bottom lots of earrings. Well when I went into the 10th grade gave all my Barbie stuff away as per my mom's idea. I could kick myself now. I do have the Francie doll with her case and a lot of clothes mint condition. I wonder what all this is worth now?

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