The Sisterhood of Barbie

by Mary

I am having so much fun reading the stories of how we all fell in love with our Barbies. I am also in the over-50 age group. Fun and very nerve-wracking to hunt for Barbie treasures-mostly on eBay.

Very happy that I have some of my original pieces that weren't overly loved to pieces. I started out just wanting to complete my original sets, but have fallen under the Barbie spell and have added just a "few more" to my collection. My wish list keeps getting longer and longer every day.

Thanks for the amazing site as I have been using it as a reference for finding all the bits and pieces for the outfits. So very helpful when sellers don't always give the best information about items for sale.

My most recent purchase is a painted brown hair Ken doll-hopefully will be here in a few days. There seem to be some odd variations of the Ken dolls and maybe some that have had some "reconstructive" surgery along the way-perhaps they were similar to the Barbies that got put together with odds and ends.

We all love our Barbies,

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