80s Barbie Dolls

80s Barbie dolls represent the iconic fashion and trends of the time with incredible style.  Capitalizing on the more is more attitude of the 80s, big hair, bright colors, and dramatic accessories were all the rage.  Barbie has never been a stranger to trying new things and the 80s is well documented with plenty of success stories.

80s Barbie Dolls 80s

80s Barbie Dolls

Take a trip down memory lane with this guide to 80s Barbie dolls.  Organized from 1980 to 1989, click on the link provided to see the pictures and identifying information that made each doll special.

1980 Barbie Dolls

1980 Barbie dolls marked a continuation of the Barbie doll phenomenon, with Mattel, Inc. releasing new dolls and accessories to keep up with the growing demand.  These dolls featured a range of different themes and styles, including fashionable outfits and accessories, as well as more playful and adventurous themes.

Black Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Black Barbie

Hispanic Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Hispanic

Golden Dream Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Golden Dream

Happy Birthday Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Happy Birthday

My First Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls My First Barbie

Roller Skating Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Roller Skating

Western Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Western

Parisian Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Parisian

Italian Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Italian

Royal Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Royal

1981 Barbie Dolls

The 1981 Barbie dolls showcased a variety of exciting fashion trends.  From glamourous pink gowns to designer fashion jeans, Barbie embodied the spirit of 1981, captivating the imaginations of children everywhere.

Fashion Jeans Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Fashion Jeans

Magic Curl Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Magic Curl

Pink & Pretty Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Pink And Pretty

Sunsational Malibu Barbie

80s Barbie Doll Sunsational

Eskimo Barbie

80s Barbie Dolls Eskimo

Coming Soon...1982-1989 Dolls

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