Barbie Miss Astronaut Reproduction

Barbie Miss Astronaut Reproduction is a Collectable Barbie Doll that was released for 2010 in December 2009. It is part of the Vintage Careers series, which is part of the My Favorite Barbie series that started in 2209 in celebration of Barbie's 50th anniversary.

The set includes a Blonde American Girl Barbie Doll wearing Miss Astronaut #1641 (1965).

The ensemble is a faithful remake and includes the same items:
Silver Space Suit
White Helmet
Brown Plastic Gloves
Brown Boots with Zipper
American Flag

It is in the wonderful My Favorite Barbie style box, which I love because it is displays well and you can also lift off the lid. It has the date, 1965, in the upper right corner.

The 2010 "Barbie's Classic Careers" dolls are: Miss Astronaut, Student TeacherRegistered Nurse and Pan Am American Stewardess.

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