A Guide To Vintage Barbie Dolls, Clothing, Accessories and other Fashion Dolls

When Ruth Handler and Mattel introduced Barbie in 1959 it created quite a sensation! She was inspired by Ruth's daughter, Barbie (of course), as an alternative to their weekly shopping for paper dolls.  Today, vintage Barbie dolls and clothing are beloved by collectors for their quality and representation of the clothing of the era. As styles have changed, so has Barbie.  Of course there have been many others and as little girls who played with Barbie have grown up, an entire industry of collectible dolls has been developed for those of us who still like to play with our dolls!

 This is a 1960 Barbie TV ad!  Click on the arrow in the middle of the screen to watch it.

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My goal is to provide a comprehensive resource to vintage Barbie dolls, clothing, accessories and other collectible fashion dolls, beginning with Barbie's debut in 1959.  The main focus of this is vintage Barbie and her friends and family. I will also be adding in other vintage dolls and today's dolls as well.

Vintage Barbie Dolls - 1959 to 1973

Vintage Barbie Dolls - The first Barbie Dolls was released in 1959.  This is a detailed chronological history of Barbie Dolls from 1959 to 1966.  Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information.

Mod Barbie Dolls - A detailed chronological history of the Mod Era Barbie Dolls from 1967 to 1972, including Jamie and Truly Scrumptious Barbie Dolls.  Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information.

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Vintage Barbie Doll Clothing
1959 - 1972

Includes every Barbie Doll ensemble released from 1959 to 1972, including pictures and clothing descriptions and details.  They are organized in two year groups:

Vintage Barbie Accessories

These miniature pieces, ranging from elegant jewelry and gloves to stylish shoes and sunglasses, reflect the cultural trends and societal norms of their time. Collectors treasure these accessories not only for their aesthetic value but also for the glimpse they offer into the past. Explore the Vintage Barbie Accessories that became cherished artifacts of Barbie's enduring legacy.

Vintage Barbie Doll Cases


Vintage Barbie Doll Cases - List of Barbie and Friends cases and trunks by year.  These cases were designed to store and transport Barbie dolls and their accessories.  Today, they are prized for their nostalgic value, intricate designs, and historical significance in the world of Barbie collectibles.

Vintage Barbie Dolls Friends and Family

Vintage Ken Dolls - Barbie's Boyfriend (and her ultimate accessory!)  was introduced in 1961.  Includes Ken and Ken sized dolls (Allan, Brad and Curtis) from 1961 to 1975 and clothing and ensembles from 1961 to 1966...Read More

Vintage Midge Dolls - Midge was introduced in 1962 as Barbie's best friend.  She has the same body as Barbie, with identical markings.  Only three versions of Midge were manufactured, she disappeared in the Mod era and was replaced by more mod dolls - Stacy and PJ...Read More

Vintage Skipper Dolls - Barbie got a little sister in 1964, with the introduction of Skipper.  In 1965, two Skipper size friends were added, Skooter doll and "the boy next door", Ricky.  Includes descriptions of Skipper, Skooter and Ricky dolls and clothing...Read More

Vintage Francie Dolls - Francie was introduced in 1966, she was Vintage Barbie Dolls's mod cousin and was the first doll with real eyelashes.   She had a slimmer "teenage" figure.  In 1967 Francie's same size friend Casey was introduced along with the supermodel Twiggy - the first celebrity doll in the Barbie family.  Includes pictures and descriptions of Francie, Casey and Twiggy dolls and clothing...
Read More

Vintage Stacey Dolls - Stacey was introduced in 1968, Barbie's new "cool" Mod friend. She hailed from the Mod Mecca of hipness - Great Britian. There were two versions - TNT (Twist 'n Turn) and Talking Stacey.  She was permanently retired after 1971.  Includes pictures and descriptions of Stacey dolls and clothing...Read More

Vintage Christie Dolls
- Christie was introduced in 1968. She was the first African American Barbie size Doll. Includes pictures and descriptions of Christie dolls and clothing...Read More

Vintage PJ Dolls - PJ was introduced in 1969 when Barbie's Friend Midge received a makeover and a new name.  Includes pictures and descriptions of PJ dolls and clothing...Read More

Julia Barbie Doll
- Julia was one of the first Celebrity Barbie Dolls.  She was introducted in 1969.  Includes pictures and descriptions of Julia dolls and clothing...Read More

Collectible Barbie Dolls

Vintage Barbie Reproductions are among some of the most popular and successful collectible Barbie Dolls. Mattel issued the first Vintage reproductions in 1994 to celebrate Barbie's 35th birthday.  Includes pictures and descriptions of all of the Vintage Barbie Doll Reissues and Reproductions...Read More

Silkstone Barbie Dolls were introduced in 2000 and have become very popular with collectors.  They are also known as Fashion Model Barbie dolls and Lingerie Model Barbie dolls...Read More

1980 Barbie Dolls You Might Also Like

80s Barbie Dolls marked a significant period of growth for the Barbie brand, with new dolls and accessories being released regularly to keep up with demand.  One notable aspect of the the Barbie dolls of the 1980s was the increased diversity of representation...Read More

Holiday Barbie Dolls The first Holiday Barbie was made in 1988.  For many of us, it just wouldn't be Christmas without Barbie.  Includes pictures and descriptions of all of the Holiday Barbies made so far...Read More

Halloween Barbie Dolls The first Halloween Barbie Dolls were the Barbie & Kelly Halloween Target gift set in 1997. There have been Halloween Barbies every year since - both Grocery Store / Pink Box editions and many years had a Target special Halloween edition...Read More

Resources & Miscellaneous

Barbie Hallmark Christmas Ornaments In 1993, Barbie Hallmark Ornaments entered the market. Hallmark has made Barbie ornaments every year since then and well over 100 ornaments have been produced.  Includes a list of all the Barbie Hallmark Ornaments made so far along with pictures and descriptions...Read More

Vintage Liddle Kiddles were introduced by Mattel in 1966.  They were tiny dolls, ranging from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches tall, with pose-able limbs and rooted hair.   Includes a list of all the Kiddles made with pictures and descriptions...Read More

Barbie Doll History - There have been numerous Types of Barbie Dolls made since she was first introduced in 1959.  Includes pictures and descriptions of Barbie Doll History, including all of the different face molds used...Read More

What's New? - contains the most recent site updates, updated pages, and new information added to Fashion-Doll-Guide.com...Read More

Barbie Blog
- The latest Barbie and Fashion Doll news and updates...Read More

A Tribute To Suzanne
- Forever in the hearts of those who loved her and still missed...Read More

I was born the same year as Barbie and she was a very important part of my childhood.  When my own daughter started playing with Barbie, I fell in love with her beauty and elegance. 

Shortly after that, I rediscovered the precious few pieces that survived my childhood and I began collecting vintage Barbies.  (The coat and purse pictured on the right are from my original childhood collection.)

Vintage Barbie in Evening Splendour