Black Barbie Reproduction

Black Barbie Reproduction is a reissue of the first Black Barbie from 1980. Although there were other Africian American dolls in the Barbie family, including Black Francie (1967), Julia (1968), Chrisite (1968) and Brad, this was the very first first African-American Barbie doll.

This is part of the "My Favorite Barbie" series, which was launched in 2009 in celebration of Barbie's 50th anniversary.

This is a very faithful reproduction of the original doll, which has the lovely Steffie face and her short afro hairstyle. She is wearing the same red bodysuit and skirt, trimmed in gold.

Along with her original ensemble, the reproduction also includes a white pantsuit ensemble from the 1980s.

In addition to the clothing, this set includes red and white strapped heels, red jewelry and a purse.

Like all of the other My Favorite Barbie Dolls, she is in a display box with the year on the upper right. I love these boxes because you can lift the top off and see and touch the doll, which is securely attached to the box liner. It also includes three collector cards and a reproduction booklet.

This Black Barbie Reissue was released in December 2009.

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