Vintage Barbie Bridal Brocade

Vintage Barbie Bridal Brocade
1971 - 1972

White Brocade Gown with White Fur Trim
Brocade Cap Veil with Fur Trim
Lace Fan/ and Pink Flower Bouquet
Short White Gloves
White Pilgrim Shoes

The brocade dress has a gored A-line skirt and an empire waist. It has long sleeves and a roll collar. The empire waist, sleeves and hem are trimmed with white and gold braid. The hem of the dress and sleeves are also trimmed in white faux fur. The veil is made of a brocade cap, trimmed in the same white and gold braid. It has two layers of tulle.

With the brocade fabric and fur trim, this wedding dress is reminiscent of Winter Wedding #1880 (1969 - 1970). However, the fabric on this dress is much nicer and softer and the dress holds up so much better (without the yellowing that Winter Wedding seems to be so prone to, though the fur trim tends to yellow on both of them).

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