Vintage Barbie Country Music

Vintage Barbie Country Music

Red and White Dot And Floral Patterned Peasant Blouse and Skirt with Rick-Rack Trim
White Lace Shawl
45 RPM Record
Red Sunglasses
White Boots with Red Painted Laces

Possibly inspired by the hit TV series, Hee Haw, which ran from 1969 to the late 1980s, this is one of the lesser known Mod ensembles. The white boots are the regular squishy white lace-up boots with the laces painted red. The red sunglasses are the round mod style that was used quite a bit for Barbie's shades in this era. This ensemble can be very hard to find.

This was one of three music related ensembles in 1971 called Festivals 'n Sounds that all included a 45 RPM Record - the others are Festival Fashion and Groovin' Gauchos. They are all very hard to find.

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