Vintage Barbie Evening In

Vintage Barbie Evening In
1971 - 1972

Pink Nylon Overdress with Gold medallion at Waist
Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange Print Nylon Pants
Gold Triangle Drop Earrings
Pink Cut-out Strap Heel Shoes

This is the mod version of Barbie's "hostess pajamas" (yes they use to call them that!) - the original was Dinner At Eight #946 (1963-1964), the updated glam version was Evening Gala #1660 (1966-1967) and the "early mod" version was Patio Party #1692 (1967 - 1968).

The hot pink overdress and multi-color floral print wide leg pants are made of a jersey knit that hold up extremely well - though the waist of the pants may have issues with the elastic.

The earrings are very hard to find - but repros are available.

This version is not all that difficult to find - but it is had to find with the gold medallion still on the overdress.

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