Julia Doll Brr-Furr

Julia Doll Brr-Furr
(1969 - 1970)

There were two versions of this ensemble. The most commonly found one was in special Julia packaging:

Sleeveless Dress with Lime Green Bodice and Turquoise Blue Woven Skirt
Turquoise Blue Woven Coat with Lime Green Fur Collar and Trim
Lime Green Fur Hat
Turquoise Blue Pilgrim Shoes

A much rare version was made in the traditional pink & white striped packaging:

Sleeveless Dress with White Bodice and Red and White Herringbone Woven Skirt
Red and White Herringbone Woven Coat with White Fur Collar and Trim
White Fur Hat
Red Pilgrim Shoes

The dresses have a silk tucked front bodice. The dress and coat should have an attached vinyl belt. On the blue version it is turquoise blue, on the red and white it is red.

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