Kiddles 'N Kars

Kiddles 'N Kars were made in 1969-1970. There were four dolls, all have rooted hair with bangs and an up-do style, a closed smiling mouth and painted eyes and shoes.

Henrietta Horseless Carriage has dark brown hair, brown eyes, is wearing a hot pink touring coat with black and a matching hat with a black tie. She has a blue plastic Kar with a yellow seat, a green steering wheel, and red wheels.

Lenore Limousine has golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a wearing a green flocked gown with aqua chiffon panels, a green satin ribbon tie belt, and gold trim. She has a matching sheer aqua shawl that attaches to her wrist with gold cord loops. She has aqua shoes and an aqua headband and a fluffy hot pink feather in her hair. She has a deep hot pink Kar with an orange seat, a yellow steering wheel and blue wheels.

Rosemary Roadster has platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a purple and black checked jacket and long skirt with purple shoes. She has a purple satin ribbon bow in her hair. She has a pink Kar with a blue seat, a green steering wheel and yellow wheels.

Teresa Touring Car has auburn hair and blue eyes. She has a green Kar with a purple seat, red wheels and a yellow steering wheel.

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