Kola Kiddles

Kola Kiddles came in a clear plastic soda bottle with the Kiddle's name. The base of the bottle comes off and the doll slips up in the bottle.

The bottles are clear, but are prone to yellowing over the years. The dolls are 2 inches tall and their bottles are 5 inches. They all have rooted hair and painted eyes, faces and shoes.

They were made in 1968 and 1969 and included:

Greta Grape
Hair & Eyes: Long Lavender Hair with Bangs
Clothing: Purple Outfit
Purple Hat with Attached Grapes
Purple Shoes
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Purple

Kleo Kola
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair with Bangs, Styled in an Up-do
Brown Eyes
Clothing: Brown Outfit with Gold Braid
Brown and Gold Braid Headband with Reddish Brown Stones
Brown Shoes
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Brown

Laffy Lemon
Hair & Eyes: Lemon Blonde Hair
Clothing: Lemon Yellow Outfit
Lemon Yellow Hat
Painted Shoes
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Lemon Yellow

Luscious Lime
Hair & Eyes: Long Straight Lime Green Hair, Blue Eyes
Clothing: Lime Green Outfit
Lime Green Hat with Attached Lime
Pink Shoes
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Lime Green

Olivia Orange
Hair & Eyes: Short Orange Hair
Blue Eyes
Clothing: Orange Outfit
Orange Hat
Orange Shoes
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Orange

Shirley Strawberry
Hair & Eyes: Red Long Hair with Bangs
Blue Eyes
Clothing: Red and Lime green Outfit
Hat with Attached Strawberry
Bottle Base & Cap Color: Strawberry Red

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