Lucky Locket Kiddles

The two inch Lucky Locket Kiddles were made from 1967 to 1970 and are inside a gold or colored locket. There were thirteen different dolls. They are marked ¬©M.I. on the back of their heads. They all came wearing cloth panties and painted on shoes.  Each has the Kiddle name on the back of the locket and are marked as either Mattel Hong Kong or Mattel Taiwan. Because these were made for three years, there are many different variations in the Lucky Locket Kiddles in both dolls and lockets.

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Locket Kiddles
Locket Color
Hair Color
Larky Locket
Larky Locket
Gold with Pink Stones and Blue Back
Short Blonde Hair with Bangs
White Satin and Lace Dress and Bonnet with Floral Appliques and Pink Ribbons, White Shoes
Laverne Locket
Laverne Locket
Hot Pink with Yellow Stones and Green Back
Long Blonde Hair with Bangs
Yellow and Orange Dress and Headband with Gold Braid Trim and Orange Shoes
Lilac Locket
Lilac Locket
Gold with Purple Stones and Blue Back
Long Blonde Hair with Bangs
Purple Dress, Headband and Shoes
Liz Locket Liddle Kiddle
Liz Locket
Gold with Purple Stones and Green Back
Long Brunette Hair with Bangs, Red Hair Ribbon and Blue Flower Accent with White Pearl
Navy Blue, Red and White Dress and Red Shoes
Lois Locket
Lois Locket
Two Versions:
Gold Locket
Green Locket with Orange Stones and Back
Black hair with Bangs, Styled in Pigtails with Green Ponytail Holders with Red Flower Embellishment.
Green Dress with Lace Trimmed Hem with Red Flower and Ribbon Embellishment. Green Shoes.
Lola Locket
Lola Locket
Gold with Pink Jewels and Royal Blue Back
Short Blonde Hair with Bangs with a Pipe Cleaner Headband with Pink and Blue Flowers with Seed Pearl Centers
Pink Vinyl Short Suit with Attached Floral Vinyl Gathered Waist Ribbon Skirt and Pink Shoes
Lorelei Locket Kiddle
Lorelei Locket
Aqua Blue with Orange and Clear Jewels and Orange Back
Long Blonde Hair
Blue and White Dotted Dress, White Sailor Hat With Blue Embroidered Ribbon and Red Pompom, Red Panties And Red Shoes
Loretta Locket
Loretta Locket
Blue with Green Stones and Hot Pink Back
Long Brunette Hair with Bangs - Pink Hair Bow
Purple Dress with Hot Pink Trim and Hot Pink Shoes
Lorna Locket
Lorna Locket
Gold with Red and White Jewels and Dark Blue Back
Blonde Hair Pulled Into a Side Braid with Two Red Bows with Flowers and Pearl Centers
Red Dress with a White Shirt and White Buttons, Red Panties and Shoes
Lottie Locket
Lottie Locket
Reddish Brown Hair with Pigtails and a Purple Pipe Cleaner Headband with Two Flowers, Green Leaves and Hot Pink Ribbons
Hot Pink Vinyl Dress with Lace Overskirt, Hot Pink Panties and White Shoes
Lou Locket
Lou Locket
Gold with Green Stones and Purple Back
Long Light Brown Hair with Bangs, Green Pipe Cleaner and Felt Headband with a Green Bow and White Flower with Pearl Center On Each Side
Sheer Yellow Dress with Embroidered Flowers Around the Hem, Green and Gold Bow at Neck, White Panties and Green Shoes
Louise Locket
Louise Locket
Hot Pink with Green Stones and Blue Back
Long Blond Hair with Bangs and Black Hair Ribbon
Yellow Dress with Black Fringe Trim, Yellow Panties and Shoes
Luana Locket
Luana Locket
Gold with Dark Pink Back and Stones
Long Red Hair without Bangs
Pink and Yellow Dress and Hat with Green Trim and Bow, Green Shoes

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Mattel reissued six called "Lucky Locket" Dolls (the Kiddle name was dropped) in 1975. The reissues have painted on panties and are made of a harder vinyl than the originals. The back of the reissued lockets do not have the Kiddle name.

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