Mod Party Becky

The Mod Party Becky Doll is the first ever Prototype Reproduction. Becky was a Francie size doll planned to be introduced into the Barbie family in 1971. The fashion booklets from that year even have the Becky name, leaving collectors to wonder for years who was Becky and why did she never appear?

Becky was a "re-invention" of Francie's friend Casey - using the Casey face and head mold (which was also used for the Twiggy doll). Becky was to mark the end of the Mod era and embody the never styles of the early 1970s. However, because of the popularity and success of Malibu Barbie, Mattel shifted their Barbie focus and Becky was never produced.

So now, 38 years later Becky will be made and sold. Mattel is releasing the Becky Gift Set which includes the Becky doll and 2 ensembles - a yellow party dress and a pink and floral mix and match separates that include a maxi skirt and love beads. Her accessories include party accessories - record player, invitations, party platter and drinks. The Blonde Becky Doll has brown centered eyes and long rooted eyelashes. She has the blue eye shadow of the early 70s and pink lipstick.

Becky is a Gold Label Barbie - Gold Label Barbie Dolls are limited edition dolls, with no more than 25,000 made - and is scheduled for a March 2009 release.

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