Talking PJ Doll

Talking PJ was the first PJ Doll - she was released in 1969. She replaced Midge as Barbie's best friend. She had the same body as Barbie and they shared clothes.

Doll Name:
Talking P.J.

Model #:

Issue Date:

Brown eyes, brown eyebrows, rooted eyelashes, orange lips and blush

Hair Colors:

Hair Style:
Long hair with bangs, parted in the center, pulled into pigtails with multi-color beads

Hot pink nylon mini-dress with orange flowers and long bell sleeves. Orange nylon panties with white lace, hot pink pilgrim shoes and lavender round sunglasses.

Clear X-Stand

Body Markings:
© 1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. & Foreign Pats.Pend. Hong Kong

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