Telly Viddle

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle - 1968

Telly Viddle #3751 (1968) was in the third series of original 24 Liddle Kiddles released in 1968.

Telly is 3½" tall and has dark brunette hair with bangs and blue eyes. Her eyes have an usual octagon shape (from watching too much TV maybe?).  The top of her hair is pulled back with a blue ribbon.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle

She is wearing a sleeveless dress with matching panties that came in two different colors/prints. One has an aqua blue faux-suede bodice with a full blue and white gingham checked skirt and a white lace ruffle. The other has a blue and white herringbone print on the skirt with a darker blue bodice. She has painted on white socks and blue T-strap shoes.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle - 1968

She came with a yellow and orange plastic TV set. It has a picture and a knob on top that turns to change the "station". She also has a pretzel box, just like the one from Barbie Baby Sits.

Telly is on the cover of her book along with Beddy Bye Biddle and Pretty Priddle. She did not come with a brush or comb.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle in gingham checked dress

This is the gingham checked outfit that she is usually wearing.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle in herringbone print dress variation

This is the  much rarer herringbone print variation.

Telly Viddle Accessories

Telly Villde Blue T-strap ShoesBlue T-strap Shoes
Telly Viddle TV SetTV Set
Telly Viddle Pretzel BoxPretzel Box
Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle New on Card

This Never Removed From Card Doll sold in June 2014 for $400.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle Set with Case

There was also an aqua blue Liddle Kiddles case that pictured Telly and Beddy Bye Biddle.

This complete set (with the harder to find variation outfit) sold for $135 in May 2014.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle Book

Telly is on the cover of her book along with Beddy Bye Biddle and Pretty Priddle.

Telly Viddle Liddle Kiddle

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