Vintage Barbie Aboard Ship

Vintage Barbie Aboard Ship

Red, White & Navy Blue Dress
Navy Blue Vest
Thin Red Belt
Black Plastic Camera
Red Closed Toe Heels
Travel Poster
Niagara Falls/Mexico/Hawaii Brochures
"How To Travel" book

The top of the dress is red, white and blue striped knit with a navy pleated skirt. The long navy blue vest lined in red and has gold buttons, and a sailor collar with white stars. The camera is black plastic with gray painted trim.

Because it was only made for one year, it can be hard to find. The red belt, Hawaii, Mexico and Niagara Falls brochures, travel poster and “How To Travel" book are very hard to find.

Vintage Skipper had a matching outfit - Ship Ahoy #1918 (1965 - 1966)

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