Vintage Barbie Arabian Nights

Vintage Barbie Arabian Nights

Pink Satin Top
Long Skirt
Pink Chiffon Sari
Gold Slippers
Turquoise Bracelets (2)
Gold Bracelet
Gold & Turquoise Bead Necklace
Gold Filigree Drop Earrings
Gold Plastic Lamp
Theatre Program

Vintage Ken Arabian Knights

* Red velour coat with gold braided trim and tie belt
* Gold lame pants
* Matching turban with "emerald" surrounded by pearls
* Red velour slippers with gold braid trim
* Theater program

The Little Theater Series is very popular with collectors and can be some of the hardest items to find.  The series included:

Barbie Arabian Nights #874 (1964-1965)
Cinderella #872 (1964-1965)
Guinevere #873 (1964-1965)
Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf #880 (1964)

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