Vintage Barbie Ballerina

Vintage Barbie Ballerina #989 (1961-1965)

Silver Lame Tutu
Black Leotard
Black Tights
Ballet Slippers
Pink Ballet Bag
Silver Paper Tiara

This popular ensemble was available for four years and is fairly easy to find.

The silver lame tutu has a back zipper that can be problematic.

The tulle tutu is easily revived by separating the layers of tulle.

The basic black tights and leotard will often have holes, snags or runs.

The silver tiara is difficult to find and the program is very rare.

The ballet slippers often will have their strings broken or missing.

love this displayed along with Skipper’s Ballerina set (Vintage Skipper Ballet Class #1905 (1964 - 1965) , which I always thought was prettier than Barbie’s!

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