Vintage Skipper Ballet Class

Vintage Skipper Ballet Class
(1964 - 1965)

Pink Lame/Tulle Tutu
Black Leotard
Black Tights
Flower and Ribbon Headband
White Toe Shoes
Pink Satin Bag

This ensemble goes with Barbie's Ballerina #989 (1961-1965) .

This was one of Skipper's first ensembles.  It was very popular when it was released and is still very popular with collectors.  The tutu is pretty easy to find.  The leotards and tights often have runs, snags and damaged elastic.  The head band is hard to find and the program is very hard to find.

The tulle skirt of the tutu will often be flattened from years of storage.  Simply separate each layer of tulle and it will become full and fluffy.

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