Vintage Barbie Bride’s Dream

Vintage Barbie Bride’s Dream #947 (1963-1964)

Bridal Gown
Veil with Pearls
Graduated Pearl Necklace
Long White Gloves
Blue Garter
White Open Toe Heels

This replaced Barbie's Wedding Day Set #972 (1959-1962).  I've always been partial to this one, as it is the one my Barbie wore when she got married to Ken (over and over again). 

It is fairly easy to find in good condition.  Many of them are dingy to downright dirty.  I have had success in cleaning them.  The satin bodice seems to have aged to a gorgeous patina over the years on most I have seen - although it can be prone to snags in the beautiful fabric.  The gown should have a thin white ribbon bow at the waist.   The veil is the same as Wedding Day Set.

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