Vintage Barbie White Open Toe Shoes

Vintage Barbie White Open Toe Shoes were included in these ensembles:

Barbie Doll Accessories #923 (1961-1962)
Barbie In Switzerland #822 (1964)
Barbie-Q #962 (1959-1962)
Bride's Dream #947 (1963-1964)
Busy Morning #956 (1963)
Campus Belle (1964-1965)
Cotton Casual #912 (1959-1962)
Crisp 'n Cool #1604 (1964-1965)
Garden Party #931 (1962-1963)
Garden Tea Party #1606 (1964)
Going To The Ball (1964-1965)
Lunch Date Fashion Pak Dress(1966-1967)
Orange Blossom #987 (1961-1964)
Registered Nurse #991(1961-1964)
Sheath Sensation #986 (1961-1964)
Suburban Shopper #969 (1959-1964)
Wedding Day Set #972 (1959-1962)

Also called Mules by some collectors, these were made in Japan and came in pairs. The bottom of the left shoe will be marked Japan, the bottom of the right shoe will be unmarked.

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