Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes

Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes #918

Dress with Navy Skirt & Red & White Stripe Bodice
White Belt 
Black Open Toe Heels

The red and white ribbed cotton bodice and navy blue skirt have held up very well over the years and this dress is fairly easy to find.

Cruise Stripes never removed from box
Cruise Stripes Belt

The dress closes in the back with a zipper.

Cruise Stripes Back Zipper

It is harder to find the white vinyl belt.  

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More Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes

Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes is the same dress that was included in Roman Holiday.  Dresses with the cloth tag will be Cruise Stripes, without the tag will be from Roman Holiday (the tag was in the coat). Dresses made in 1959 will have TM on the tag, after 1959 will have the ®.

Vintage Barbie wearing Roman Holiday

This NRFB version sold for $799.95 in July 2013.

The Cruise Stripes dress was reproduced in the
1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction Gift Set

Roman Holiday Reproduction

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Compare this clone (generic) version of the dress to the Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes ensemble.

Cruise Stripes Clone Dress
Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes #918 (1959-1962)

The Vintage Barbie Cruise Stripes outfit was pictured on this 1961 train case.  The generic versions of the outfits pictured from left to right are:  Golden Girl, Plantation Belle, Cotton Casual, Resort Set, Apple Print Sheath, and Cruise Stripes.  

Vintage Barbie Train Case

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Vintage Barbie Catalog Images

roman holiday/cruise stripes from vintage Barbie catalog
Cruise Stripes from vintage Barbie catalog

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