Vintage Barbie Disc Date

Vintage Barbie Disc Date

White Body Blouse
Fuchsia Velvet Long Skirt
Fuchsia Closed Toe Heels
Blue Record Player
Record with Blue label
Record with Red label

Barbie's fuchsia velvet maxi-skirt has six rhinestone buttons and a chartreuse green cotton waistband/belt. The top is a lace-trimmed sheer white organdy lined body blouse. It has a collar and 3/4 length sleeves.

The blue plastic record player came with two records, one with a blue label and one with a red label.

This ensemble can be harder to find, because it was only made for one year.  Also the white organdy blouse is very delicate is prone to show dirt and wear - it is very hard to find in decent condition.

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