Vintage Barbie Doll Miss Barbie

Vintage Barbie Doll Miss Barbie was the first to have bendable legs and the only "sleep" eye Barbie.  She came with three different colored and styled wigs.  In order to make the wig experience easier, her "real" hair was molded and painted.  Her head was a very hard plastic and is known to develop "melt" marks if the wigs were left on for an extended period of time.

Vintage Barbie Doll
Miss Barbie Details

Vintage Barbie Doll Miss Barbie

Model #: 1060
Issue Date: 1964
Box Date: 1963
Hair Colors: Molded Painted Brown Hair with Orange Headband and three wigs:
Blonde Pageboy
Red Bubble
Brunette Flip
Face: Blue "sleep" eyes, Light brown eyebrows, coral lips
Clothing: One-piece pink swimsuit with gold dots (paint or glitter)
Pink Yarn Cap with Gold Glitter
Pink Open Toe Heels
White Plastic Wig Stand
Stand: Gold Wire Stand
Extras included: Lawn Swing, 3-piece palm planter, Barbie Home Magazine, Clock Radio, Purple Princess Phone, Tray, 2 Glasses
Body Markings: ©1958
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Patented
U.S. Pat.Pend

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