Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak Slacks

Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak Slacks

Cotton Mix & Match Group (1962-1963)

The cotton mix & match group included 5 different pieces: Plain Blouse & Purse, Sheath Skirt, Scoop Neck Playsuit, Slacks and Full Gathered Skirt.

Each item of clothing was sold separately and included one other accessory item.

The colors included in the group were black, white, red, orange, pink and black and white floral.

The Slacks came with a contrasting thin belt. They were available in 5 different color choices:

Black Slacks /Blue Vinyl Belt
Black & White Floral Slacks /Red Vinyl Belt
Orange Slacks /Hot Pink Vinyl Belt
Red Slacks /Yellow Vinyl Belt
White Slacks /Orange Vinyl Belt

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