Vintage Barbie Floral Petticoat

Vintage Barbie Floral Petticoat #921 (1959-1963)

White Full Petticoat
White Bra
White Panties
Pink Comb, Brush and Hand Mirror

This pretty white full half-slip has an elastic waist and cloth tag. It is beautifully embroidered. The white bra in this set is the same as the blue one in Undergarments #919.

These slips hold up wonderfully except for the elastic – which is frequently stretched out or just down right disintegrated. The bra and panties can be harder to find, especially in decent condition.

Also the accompanying comb, brush and hand mirror can be hard to find in good condition.

This was repeated without the brush, comb and mirror in Fashion Pak Slip Panties Bra (1962-1963).  The white bra in this set is the same as the one in Fashion Pak Lingerie Pak (1962-1963).

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