Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak Lingerie Pak

Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak Lingerie Pak 1962-1963

(This is the same as #919 Undergarments 1959 minus the girdle)

In Black, Blue, Pink or White
Strapless Bra
Half Slip
Matching Open Toe Heels with Pompons
Pink Mirror

The blue version is the one that I see the most.  The other colors are harder to find.  The slip is much easier to find than the other pieces and when found most have problems with the elastic that has either stretched out or just disintegrated.

The shoes are almost impossible to find with the pompons still attached, but they are easy to replace with little pompons that are easily found at arts and crafts stores.  The shoes look like regular open toes heels, but have a tiny hole where the pompon attached.

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