Vintage Barbie Gaucho Gear

Vintage Barbie Gaucho Gear

Multi-Floral Print Body Blouse and Skirt
Orange Vinyl Gauchos with Suede Trim
Brown Suede Fringed Vest
Brown Suede Fringed Purse
Orange Felt Hat
Brown Suede Cloth Knee-high boots with Fringe

This is a great "two-for-one" ensemble that is so definitive of this era and very popular with collectors.

It includes both a printed full skirt and orange vinyl gauchos. Both can be worn with the printed long sleeve blouse and fringed vest. (I remember my older brother, who was a teenager at the time had a vest just like this!)

The ensemble also includes a brown suede fringed purse and a orange felt hat. The boots are the same brown fringed suede-cloth.

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