Vintage Barbie Glo-Go

Vintage Barbie Glo-Go

Halter Dress with Raspberry Metallic Knit Lame Top and Belt
Chiffon Overskirt with Raspberry Swirls And Dots Print Over White Satin Mini Skirt
Red Closed Toe Heels

The halter top bodice has a high collar and back closure.

The bodice on this dress is very prone to fade out - leaving a silver or lighter color.  In this picture it is faded, it should be a darker raspberry color.  I have this dress from my childhood collection & I successfully "restored" the bodice by using metallic acrylic paint.  It looks beautifully mint now!

This dress can be harder to find and besides the problems with the bodice, the chiffon overskirt tend to show dirt and wear & tear easily.

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