Vintage Barbie Hot Togs

Vintage Barbie Hot Togs

Plaid Bolero Jacket
Hot Pink Hot Pants
Suede Belt with Attached Purse
Olive Knit Socks/Stockings
Olive Panty Hose
Brown "Laced" Boots
Afghan Dog with Collar and Leash

Barbie's Afghan Hound has a brown faux suede leash and collar.

Her outfit is right on trend for 1972. Her hot pants have cuffs - some call them hot pink, others red. I guess they are a reddish hot pink. The thigh high socks layer over the panty hose. The brown faux suede belt has an attached purse and a hot pink button closure and stitching.

This is one of three ensembles from a group called Put-ons 'n Pets. They include an ensemble and a pet for Barbie. They are all hard to find. The other two are Kitty Kapers and Poodle Doodles.

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