Vintage Barbie Important Investment

Vintage Barbie Important Investment
1969 - 1970

Green Knit Mini-Dress
Gold Chain Belt with Felt Flower
White Fleece Vest with Felt Flower (Lining Variations of Solid Red or Yellow Calico)
Green Pilgrim Shoes

The mini dress is a bright green knit sheath style dress with long sleeves.  It has a chain belt with a red flower at the end.  The white fleecy/furry vest can in two different variations - the yellow calico print lining shown here, and also with a solid red lining.  In my experience, the calico print is found most often, with the red lined vest being much more rare.  Both vests have a red flower (the same as the belt) trim that fastens the vest.  The belt is by far the hardest item to find in this ensemble, but reproductions are usually available on eBay.

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