Vintage Barbie In Hawaii

Vintage Barbie In Hawaii

Red Floral 2 Piece Swimsuit
Grass Skirt
Flower Lei
Wrist Lei
Travel Pamphlet

Vintage Ken in Hawaii

Floral Pattern Sarong
Straw Hat with Floral Hatband
Cork Sandals with Orange Straps
Yellow Lei
Orange Ukulele
Travel Pamphlet

The Travel Costumes were produced in 1964 only and they included:

Barbie In Hawaii #1605 (1964)
Barbie In Holland #823 (1964)
Barbie In Japan #821 (1964)
Barbie In Mexico #820 (1964)
Barbie In Switzerland #822 (1964)

Ken in Hawaii #1404 (1964)
Ken in Holland #777 (1964)

Ken in Mexico #778 (1964)
Ken in Switzerland #776 (1964)

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