Vintage Barbie Knit Hit

Vintage Barbie Knit Hit

Green Argyle Sweater
Navy Blue Knit Skirt
Red Squishy Flat Shoes
Mattel Daily Newspaper

This is a 2 piece knit outfit with a navy blue pull on skirt.  Because it was only made for one year, it can be harder to find and often the skirt will have problems with the elastic being stretched out or worn out.

This is one of the first ensembles to include the "squishy" shoes, which were used often during the Mod era.  Both shoes are identical and are marked JAPAN on the bottom of each shoe.

The Mattel Daily Newspaper is considered rare and is very hard to find.

A later Mod Barbie ensemble had the same name, Knit Hit #1804 (1968 - 1969).

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