Vintage Barbie Leisure Leopard

Vintage Barbie Leisure Leopard
1969 - 1970

Leopard Print and Yellow Nylon Leisure Suit
Yellow Open Toe Heels or Pilgrim Shoes

This gets my vote as one of the most mod of the Barbie's mod (and sometimes wild) wardrobe! 

It is fairly easy to find and I have never seen one with any flaws - as long as you don't burn it, the fabric is virtually indestructible.

It is a hostess ensemble that is supposed to be a dress, but is really a jumpsuit.  (In the late 60s they were called hostess pajamas and they were all the rage!)  This particular version of the hostess pajamas has more of a bubble type design - it really is quite unusual. This is one style that I am personally glad didn't survive the mod era!

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