Vintage Barbie Light 'n Lazy

Vintage Barbie Light 'n Lazy Best Buy

White Sheer Nylon with Tricot Lining and Lace Trimmed Gown With Purple Ribbon
White Lace Trimmed Panties
Lace Trimmed Sheer White Robe
White Lace Trimmed Booties

This is a beautiful and hard to find set, done in sheer white. The gown has a purple ribbon, which offers the only pop of color.

The gown is made of a layer of sheer nylon over a layer of white tricot. The hem, bodice and straps are trimmed in white lace.

The same lace trims the robe, panties and booties. The panties & booties are made of the white tricot and the robe the same sheer nylon from the gown.

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