Vintage Barbie Little Bow Pink

Vintage Barbie Little Bow Pink
1969 - 1970

Hot Pink Satin Mini Dress with  Ruffle Trim
Hot Pink Lacy Hose
Hot Pink Bow Shoes or Hot Pink Pilgrim Shoes

This was inspired by the "little girl" look that was very popular in the mod era. 

The hot pink satin mini-dress has an empire waist and long sleeves.  The empire waist is accented with a satin bow.

It is trimmed at the neckline and sleeves with hot pink nylon ruffles.  The hot pink hose have a lacy pattern.  The hose are much harder to find than the dress and shoes.

Because there was so much hot pink in the mod era, there were many hot pink mod shoes, so the shoes are very easy to find.  The dress is fairly easy to find - usually in good condition.

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