Vintage Barbie Lovely Sleep-Ins

Vintage Barbie Lovely Sleep-Ins

Pink Nightgown
Pink Lace Robe with Fur Trim
Pink Fur Slippers

I think this is one of Barbie's prettiest nightgown and robe sets. The gown is 3/4 length and is made of pink nylon. It has a tucked empire bodice and is lined with tricot. The long sleeve robe is made of pink sheer floral lace. It has a tie at the neck and a fur collar. The pink slippers are made of the same pink fur as the collar on the robe.

There seems to be a variety in colors in this ensemble - I have seen the dark pink as pictured (though it looks much darker in the photo) to a much lighter pink to a peachy pink. I assume they were all just different variations made throughout the course of the time it was manufactured.

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