Vintage Barbie Madras Mod

Vintage Barbie Madras Mod

Red, White and Navy Blue Plaid Maxi Coat/Dress with Red Suede Collar, Cuffs and Belt with Gold Buckle
Plaid Purse
Red Platform Shoes

So is this a coat or a dress? I guess it is both. To be totally properly dressed for this era, add a pair of hot pants and boots and you are ready for 1972! (For those not of this era, short shorts were called hot pants then!)

The plaid coat has a big red velvet collar, cuffs and belt with a gold buckle. It has a single button closure and is open at the bottom (thus the need for hot pants!).

I'm surprised at the shoe choice in this ensemble - it so should have been red lace up boots! I think I wore lace up boots (I had them in black, white and brown) almost everyday to school in the 8th grade, which would have been around 1973 - 1974.

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