Vintage Barbie Magnificent Midi

Vintage Barbie Magnificent Midi
1971 - 1972

* Red Velvet Maxi Length Coat with Black Fur and Vinyl Trim
* Sleeveless Mini Dress with Black Rib Knit Bodice and Red Velvet Skirt
* Black Vinyl Belt with Gold Round Buckle
* Red Velvet Hat with Black Fur Trim
* Black Vinyl Boots with Black Fur Trim

The sleeveless dress has a black ribbed bodice with a high neck. The red velvet skirt has black soutache braid trim around the hem, which is repeated around the sleeve of the coat.

The hem of the coat, the hat and the boots are all trimmed in black fur.

This is a very popular ensemble. While it can be relatively easy to find the coat and dress, the coat is more often than not missing the three black vinyl fasteners that connect to the gold bead buttons to close the coat and the dress is often missing the belt. The belt, hat and especially the boots can be a real challenge to find.

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