Vintage Barbie Make Mine Midi

Vintage Barbie Make Mine Midi

White Blouse
Hot Pink Cotton Midi Skirt
Hot Pink Lace-Trimmed Half Slip
Hot Pink Sheer Hose
Hot Pink Soft Bow or Hot Pink Pilgrim Shoes

This ensemble was never pictured in any Barbie booklet or dealer catalog.  It was only made for one year, isn't very well known and can be hard to find.

The white blouse has with self-fabric stripes, 2 Gold Buttons, Lace-Trimmed Cuffs and a Front Placket. 

The Hot Pink Cotton Midi Skirt has a Yellow Velour Waistband and Bow, 3 White Sheer Nylon poufs and 2 pink nylon poufs on green nylon stars.  These poufs are very prone to come off and the skirt is often found with them missing.

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