Vintage Barbie Midi-Magic

Vintage Barbie Midi-Magic

Midi Dress with White Lace Bodice
Black Taffeta Skirt with Velvet Belt
Black Hose
Black Bow Shoes or Black Pilgrim Shoes

This is a more sophisticated take on the "granny" look so popular in the mod era - it has the unique combination of looking both old fashioned & mod.

The black & white midi dress has a white sheer striped organza bodice over white taffeta.  The white taffeta layer is strapless.  It has a stand up collar and short sleeves.

The black midi length skirt has an empire waist and is black organza over black taffeta.  The empire waist is accented with a black velvet ribbon and two tiny rhinestone buttons.

Because this ensemble is so unique to both the mod era and Barbie's mod wardrobe, it is very popular with collectors, but it remains fairly easy to find.

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